Floral tributes that keep giving!

A dendrobium orchid plant with two beautiful little birds perched on it’s branches – nature’s gentle messengers of comfort & peaceful thoughts. 

As a florist, I experience many happy rewards when designing for weddings & other joyous occasions. But sadly, life also brings times of sorrow and loss, and creating sympathy or tribute pieces  is a part of my job that also holds a special place in my heart. I view each opportunity as a means to convey a message of encouragement, inspiration, and comfort – hopefully in some small way – through the beauty of flowers and hints of nature at times. On one occasion I made an arrangement that incorporated the cane and favorite hat belonging to the person who’s life was being celebrated at his memorial service. What a unique and special way of  honoring a loved one! 

This week I was called upon to create for two families who have experienced loss – one just recently, and the other a year ago. Here are two very different compositions, but both with the same heartfelt intent. As well, they are gifts with the potential to keep on giving. The orchid plant, if cared for, can bloom again.  And I thought the large cup & saucer planter would be perfect for Elijah’s Mom to plant some posies in after these blooms have faded. 


The loss of a tiny baby a year ago was the inspiration for this composition. The family is remembering baby Elijah’s birthday this week, and this floral tribute in his honor is also an ‘oasis’ of cheer for his parents.  


 Filled to the brim on all sides with bright blooms & butterflies resting on a few petals. 

Our condolences & prayerful thoughts go out to these families!