‘Countryfied’ Wedding


‘Country Casual’ boutonnieres 

Sara & Jon’s big day of July 30th ranks right up there as one of the more unique events I’ve designed for. The couple chose their own place – a hobby farm in Maple Ridge – for their wedding ceremony & reception. It was a very warm day, but with the late start to our Summer, no one was complaining.  I also received a generous dose of ‘sunshine for my soul’ with Sara’s exclamations of how much she loved her flowers. What a bonus!!


 The stage is set – barn, hay bales, milk cans – can’t get more country than that, eh?


             Aisle markers & centerpieces with daisies & sunflowers.  Vintage milk bottles, gingham ribbon & wheat ‘countryfied’ things quite nicely …….

 ……. heck, I put wheat in just about everything!

My hubby & I arrived at the ‘venue’ to find  Jon overseeing the final pre-ceremony prep looking very calm, but in charge! The atmosphere was sooo relaxed and – well –  country casual. After placing & attaching the decor flowers outside, I popped into the house to deliver all the personal flowers & to see the bride. Aside from Sara sporting her veil, it hardly seemed as though a wedding was supposed to happen in less than an hour. Cowboy boots & jeans were totally fitting for this special occasion. Ironically, the bride & groom seemed rather over dressed in their formal ‘duds’, but looked great just the same.


 Sara’s ‘countryfied’ bouquet of alstro, gerbs, daisies, sunflowers & – of course – wheat.



                                Pretty little hand ties of gerbers & alstroemeria for the bridesmaids in their cowboy boots!








 ‘Country Casual’ bridal suite


Sara kindly shared some images of their day taken by professional photographer Athena Leskun – nicely done!

 A gorgeous day to get hitched down on the farm …….

 ….. in casual country style! 


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Sara & Jon, thanks for asking me to bring some floral magic to your especially memorable day. And the best of wishes for an amazing life together!

© Athena Leskun Photography (2011) – All Rights Reserved


  1. Alyssa Schroeder on April 17, 2012 at 2:03 pm

    I love the wheat in the bouquets and that farm is amazing! I wish that was a public venue (I have a bit of a farm addiction).

  2. Barb on April 19, 2012 at 12:11 am

    Hi Alyssa
    Ya, that was pretty neat. Actually Jon & Sara (the bride & groom) sold the property since their wedding & don’t live there anymore.