THE Dress!


Our Amazing Day- April 13, 1996 – And THE Dress!

At this time sixteen years ago I was planning my wedding, but I missed out on shopping for a bridal gown because I decided to borrow a friend’s dress rather than spend a whack of money for something I would wear only once. That was the practical side of me. I was sincerely honored to wear it & I thought it was meant to be because the dress fit perfectly when I tried it on at my friend’s house. Well almost perfectly. It was rather snug in the bodice so minor alterations allowed me to actually BREATH on my wedding day & not just look breathtaking! After it was steamed & hung, it was like new. I loved the train, the row of buttons along the back & even the big ol’ bow on my ‘bustle’ {oh mercy,what was I thinking??!!}. Yup, I felt like a million bucks in it and had one of the best days of my life! 

But CLEARLY styles have changed a lot. If I was planning my wedding now I’d let my non-practical me do the talking & say nuts to borrowing a dress. I’d be trying on every style of bridal gown there is – frilly, lacey, poofy, slinky, and downright sexy. I’d have an absolute blast finding THE dress that would make me feel like a ‘goddess’ and WOW the socks off my groom for our event of the century (ha ha)!  

Okay, I kinda wish I would’ve had the deliriously happy experience of shopping for a brand new dress – at least once. But that ship has sailed & I’ve now been happily married to the man of my dreams for nearly 16 years (oh my gosh!) and that’s worth a whole lot more than the most exquisite dress imaginable! 

My point? The dress I chose to wear was beautiful – for that era {grin} – and I was glad for my decision. But unlike me, most brides-to-be will seek out & purchase a brand new bridal gown. You don’t have to spend a fortune to find the one that will be magical. Just SAVOUR the experience of trying on a whole bunch of em’, dream big, and you will find THE dress that’s meant for you!

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