The Best

In moments of reflection today, it hit me! Not a profound thought, but a powerful reminder none the less. And it’s this. I would not have a floral design business at all without my Top Designer. Without His breathtaking imagination and creative genius I would not have any flowers and foliage to design with. Yet God faithfully & generously provides the main ingredients for me month after month. And what a delightful privilege it is to then work with HIS handiwork and bring delight and joy to others as a result. I’m also continually awed by new discoveries like a flower or plant I’ve never seen before. My hubby can’t understand why I get so excited about such things. But quite simply, he’s just not wired the same way I am. Which then brings me to how the good Lord designed ME. As insignificant as I feel at times, I’m starting to understand that my abilities are  unique gifts given EXCLUSIVELY to me!!!  Isn’t that wild?  To think that there’s noooobody else in the whole world exactly like me (a good thing), nobody who visualizes things the very same way, or does things identical to the way I do them. And that’s how it is with my flowers & designs – each it’s own ‘finger print’. Amazing indeed! 

And lately, when I’ve been designing, I’ve experienced this overwhelming  jubilation at how my mind and body are working together to fashion a particular arrangement, and how it’s one-of- a kind beauty is coming together right before my eyes and with my own hands. In those moments, words cannot describe this incredible sense of gratitude to my Creator for what He’s enabling lil ol’ me to do. A few years ago I could never have imagined what I’m accomplishing today! I can hardly wait to do MORE, and sometimes I’m nigh to bursting! 

I also feel a sense of great relief in knowing that I have the best Business Partner of all, and therefore I cannot fail!!  I’ve asked God to be my CEO and He has entrusted me to manage OUR company. That’s pretty exciting from my perspective!  But I hate to admit that sometimes I lose sight of my place and think I can do EVERYTHING by myself.  And that’s generally when things don’t run as smoothly as they could.  Will I ever learn? I can only hope <grin>! 

And then there are the ‘God blessings’ that make my heart skip a beat!  I’ve experienced them time and time again. Even if they’re  just  small things like getting a bunch of blooms for free from my flower guy, finding a totally cool embellishment for a bouquet, or having exactly enough flowers to complete a task!  

Quite honestly, I think I have one of the best jobs on earth. My Boss is No One But The Best who provides so well and leaves me in charge of the whole production. And when I do get stuck, He bails me out – every time – whatever the challenge! 

Also, I love that I have one of the best gifts a person can have (I think) – a creative mind! There is one problem with that though. Sometimes I can’t sleep because I”m designing in my head, or trying to figure out how to make something work.  But far be it from me to complain, because my ‘job’ is something I enjoy so very much – the grandest of which is creating with the Grand Creator’s creations. How can I ever keep that to myself?  It’s impossible! 

So my ultimate goal is to joyfully share what I know, have, and continue to learn with a humble heart for as long as my Heavenly Father enables me, guides me, and allows the creative energey to flow through me. And I sincerely hope that’s for a very long time!