Happy Anniversary to Blooms & Beyond

(Jan 1, 2017) It was 10 years ago today that Blooms & Beyond was launched for business. We had an impressive 16 weddings that first year and now in 2016,  we ‘blossomed’ to a record season of 45. I can hardly believe it! The good Lord has blessed us with the work and enabled me through countless hours and quite a few all-nighters.

And of course the business wouldn’t be a success without all the terrific people I’ve met and the many wonderful clients I’ve had the pleasure of serving along the way. When I stop & think about it, I have pinned literally thousands of boutonnieres & corsages. I’m sure I could do it perfectly with my eyes closed and not inflict an ounce of pain. But seriously, I so enjoy the interaction with the peeps on wedding day. I am unspeakably grateful for each person who’s given me the inspirations that channel my creativity into floral art. Although most of the occasions are happy ones, I also count it a special honor to bring beauty to solemn moments.

I must also express heartfelt appreciation to my patient hubby for his faithful support through all the awesome times as well as the challenging ones (yes, they do happen). He will make a stop to pick up something I need. He picks up dinner on days that I’m just too overwhelmed with work and always cleans up after dinner so I can ‘get back at it’.  And he helps me with most deliveries and setting up (when needed) even though I know he’s not as keen about weddings as I am.  But he will admit that we have shared some very enjoyable ‘adventures’, as well as some unique and most amusing experiences that will forever be etched in our memories.  Oh, the stories we can tell!

My passion for designing is still very much alive and well.  As always, I expect the rewards to be delightfully sweet through the beauty of flowers as well as through the pleasure they bring to others. As we embark on our 10th year, there is a sense of anticipation in the air for all that’s yet to be created and experienced in the months ahead.  There will be a long overdue and welcome change coming for moi this Spring, but I have to wait a bit before I share  those details with you.  I can tell you that I will be over the moon when it finally happens. But in the mean time,  away we go again … onward and upward in 2017 with cheers to us!