Floral Grouping Centerpiece Idea

Goofing around with left over flowers – even ‘scraps’ –  sometimes turns into something like this.  Except this time, I had the presence of mind to capture my ‘playtime’ creations & blog about them. From time to time clients ask for centerpiece ideas that are inexpensive & simple. This no fuss little grouping is a great example of what can be done on a budget – while giving that perfect pop of floral color to an event. Just change the colors to suit a theme & use different vases if you wish.  Hey, they don’t even have to match. Using a variety of containers can create something interesting for your guests to gab about.  Along with your table linens, add to the ambiance by placing candles around the grouping & ta da – a very lovely centerpiece display! I’d be happy to chat with you about this option if it piques your interest.


Here, gerber daises have been paired with a bow & small posies in two sizes with mini carnations. These can also be bound with coordinating ribbon, making it easy to pop them into selected vases. Any of these can be sent home with guests after your event!