The Rose

I spent a few moments today, in the middle of my busy little life, to just marvel at the intricate detail of a large rose that’s in my living room right now. You might wonder why, especially since I’m a florist and have seen hundreds of roses and plan to see many more. I think maybe as I’m getting older I’m becoming more detail oriented (if that’s possible) and have been paying more attention to the ‘finer’ things. Even if it’s a seemingly insignificant and solitary flower.

With this particular rose, I noticed just how the petals form each layer as they fold and curl into such a  delicate maze-like pattern. All the little crevices, twists and turns found inside this one thing of beauty and sensual texture. I doubt that there are any two blooms exactly the same. Absolutely amazing! At least to me.

As I marveled at the composition of the rose, I felt appreciation for what it brought me in that interlude – enjoyment and a sense of well being.  How it ultimately developed into what I see is a miracle. This could be argued beyond the obvious of merely growing on a rose bush. Such as where did it’s one-of-a-kind structure actually begin?  Although I don’t know what explanation botonists would give, or even if they could EXACTLY, mine is easy. God made it!  Now for some people that’s a really big stretch.  But for me to even try to comprehend that it’s unique quality evolved or just happened by chance would be a huge leap that has no clear landing point. Quite honestly, I don’t like that kind of uncertainty or theory by it’s true definition. So rather than exhaust my imagination and faith, I’ll play it safe and confidently accept that my beautiful rose was specifically designed to bring me delight, awe, and gratitude for it’s Creator!